Monday, 5 September 2011

Weekend at the Asylum is nearly upon us...

This weekend is my favourite of the whole year.
Many good chaps descend on the fair city of Lincoln for a jolly good shindig.
You shall see me selling my wares in the prison again this year- apparently in the haunted cell again which was rather fun.
No doubt there shall be spirits of many types in my vicinity this weekend!
My good lady shall be in attendance for both Saturday and Sunday this year which is going to be far nicer for both of us as we can escape the confines of our cell now and again to soak up the atmosphere...
Lots of new items this year, some of which you might have seen on Etsy and some of which are to be "premiered" at the Asylum. Too excited to write more...


  1. Excellent to see you on Sunday afternoon, dear chap! We are most enamoured of our refridgeration attachment. Felicitations to your good lady.
    Geoff and Sue Doran

  2. Picked up one of your steampunk paperweights in Cambridge craft market. Have photographed it.