Friday, 6 January 2012

A Happy and Splendid New Year to All!

Dear Readers,
It has been a busy Christmas period and it's taken a little while for myself and my liver to recover...
Rest assured that I am refreshed and ready for what this new year shall bring! Those of you who didn't get either an Impossible Fossil paperweight or clock in your stocking, do not fear. A new batch will be ready for my emporium on Etsy very soon. In February you shall see me re-appear at Cambridge Arts and Craft Market on saturdays, and possibly now and again on the main market square on a sunday.
There will be plenty of other chances to see myself and my good lady this year, namely Whitby for both the Spring and Autumn Gothic Weekends (thank goodness it seems to be one event for each again this year...), the Asylum in Lincoln in September, plus a new event that is proving to be popular in Leeds which will be in March. More news on those as the year progresses.
Right, off to partake in some bread and water... it's all that my good lady will give me as it seems that all my clothes have got rather tighter round the middle...

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